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How do I use my Drive?

Last Updated: Feb 16, 2015 09:17AM PST
Use Drive to store your MBC documents, schoolwork, bundles, and uploaded files. To access Drive, click its icon in the left navigation bar.

Click the NameKind, or Modified column headings to sort your Drive Items.

Check (select) the checkboxes to rename, move, or delete directories (folders) or use these checkboxes to edit, publish, assign, move, rename, label, or delete files.

Click the New dropdown list to create a new MBC document, new schoolwork, new bundle, new directory,or to upload a file.



Use Directories (folders) to organize your files. To navigate between directories, click the breadcrumb links.

Drive breadcrumbs.

To return to your home (top level) directory, click Home.

Click "Home" to return to the top-level directory.


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